Typical Working Week – RS400, Laser/ILCA, 2000, Blaze and Wayfarer repairs

14 Dec Typical Working Week – RS400, Laser/ILCA, 2000, Blaze and Wayfarer repairs

Some people ask us what we do in Winter.  Well now that Kimberley is back from her Summer adventures both our work rate and workshop banter improve dramatically!

Many fair weather sailors take advantage of the off-season to get their boats ready for Spring, and we see an increase in demand for repairs from incidents and accidents during the Autumn winds.

It feels like we’ve had the entire handicap fleet in this week:

New floor for a Blaze

This Blaze cockpit floor had lots of stress cracks because the stringers inside hull had become detached – I really should not be able to get my fingers under the stringers.


We cut holes in bottom, then bonded the stringers back on and then put cut out sections back in.

The last photo shows the sections back in and filler gel on ready for the finish gel to be applied.

4 leaks fixed on this RS400

The deck to hull joint was leaking in 4 places.


The shroud U bolt was pulling through the hull, but luckily the owner realised before it became more serious

We also repaired this damage to the tip of the bow on the same boat.

More haste less speed for this poor 2000

We won’t judge, because there is a time and a place for a rough and ready repair (e.g. between days at a Nationals), but we have to say this one was bad.

Resin had been used in the original repair, with no fibreglass.  We had to strip it out and repair it again from scratch. The owner was happy that it now looks as good as new!

And there’s more . . .

The same 2000’s cradle was really badly broken, but is now well on it’s way to being repaired

Laser/ILCA hull repair


Run of the mill work for us.

Wayfarer woes

This beautiful Wayfarer was hit so hard, just below the shroud chain plate, that the wooden support pad on the inside was also damaged.

A hatch in the tank in the right place facilitated the repair.  The last photo shows the repaired plate


Not a bad week’s work!



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