Boat Repairs

Get your boat fixed with us in the South West, Midlands, Wales and beyond.

“The repair looks great, or more to the point invisible. Actually that’s not completely true, I somehow need to get the rest of the boat looking as good as the repair! Maybe one day I will have to join one of your courses to at least get some of the smaller gel coat scrapes sorted.”

Julian, Flying Fifteen owner, October 2020


“Two years ago our RS200 was damaged during close racing on a blustery day. Pete handled everything for us, from picking up the boat from site, sorting the insurance, making a completely invisible repair and delivering it back to the club. All of this while we were on holiday in Croatia!”

Quote from Judith & Alan Bolton

Quality repairs

We provide quality repairs to sailing dinghies of all types, but we are particularly expert in GRP repairs to the RS and Laser classes. We can also undertake repairs to rotomoulded boats. As well as repairs we are happy to take on general refurbishment, low key TLC work and offer repair workshops where you can learn how to repair your own boat.

We are specialists in the whole RS range, most of the Laser range, Enterprises, Solos, Cadets, Mirrors, Fireballs and Fireflies.

We can safely say there is not a repair on an RS200, RS400, Enterprise and Fireball we have not tackled!

In conjunction with the widely recognised repair guru Andy Willcocks the company has built a very strong reputation for quality repair work, often tackling some of the most difficult rebuild jobs imaginable – including boats badly damaged in road accidents.

We are approved repair centres for leading insurance companies including Noble Marine, Newton Crum, GJW and Craftinsure.

The types of repairs vary considerably from large holes caused by collisions through to superficial scratches and dings acquired in day-to-day sailing. We repair damaged areas with fibre glass, filler gel and finish gel-coat as appropriate. Our aim is to finish every boat so that the repair is completely undetectable.