19 Jan What’s a bosun Pete?

When Pete's step daughter Kimberley asked Pete "What's a bosun?" he explained that it's a classic 14-ft GRP sailing dinghy created for the Royal Navy in the 1960's, not the fastest or lightest by any means, but possibly the toughest dinghy around, designed to carry...

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11 Jan Nice one Sian!

We were pleased to welcome Sian Reynolds to a GRP Dinghy Repair Workshop recently.  Sian won her place as a prize in the West Country Boat Repairs 2000 Millenium Series, sailing with Kev O'Brien. By the end of the course she had learnt how to use...

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20 May Rowdy Dowty Comes to Life

[gallery link="file" size="medium" ids="18465,18464,18461,18462,18452,18460,18459,18446,18458,18456"] When Stuart Diesel enjoyed a jet boat ride in New Zealand in 2020, a conversation with the operator about a ‘couple of old Dowty jet boats’ he had seen in his friend Ted Dowty’s yard years earlier sparked a huge restoration project,...

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