Trailer Servicing

“Two years ago our RS200 was damaged during close racing on a blustery day. Pete handled everything for us, from picking up the boat from site, sorting the insurance, making a completely invisible repair and delivering it back to the club. All of this while we were on holiday in Croatia!”

Quote from Judith & Alan Bolton

Road Trailer & Launching Trolley Servicing and Repairs

We are pleased to be able to offer a new service from West Country Boat Repairs – have your road trailer serviced and your launching trolley checked over whilst your boat is with us for work.

As part of our comprehensive service we can now offer a full service on your road trailer whilst your boat is with us for work. We can also undertake repairs to your trailer and launching trolley including any welding required.

Your trailer is responsible for getting your precious boat from A to B. You probably check your boat regularly for signs of wear and tear but how often do you look closely at your trailer or your trolley??

It is Murphy’s law that you always have a serious problem with your road trailer at the worst possible moment; too often on a major road, with the boat on board, miles from home or your sailing club. Yet unfortunately most of us rarely check our tyre pressures, let alone the vital bearings, hitch, roller bar, etc.

In addition you would be surprised to learn how many boat repairs we are asked to carry out where the damage has been caused by a launching trolley with a broken or damaged cradle support, an incorrectly angled gunwale support, a broken front support or where the bow snubber nose has fallen off.

So for your peace of mind have your trailer and trolley checked by us.

A standard unbraked trailer service will cost £55 and will include:

  • – Full check of tyres for such things as wall cracking and to ensure they are holding pressure properly
  • – Fully checking the bearings, ensure they are running smoothly with no excessive wear or play, replacing if necessary. Re-pack and re-fit
  • – Ensure the hitch is operating properly and lubricate
  • – Check all welds for cracking and signs of wear
  • – Close visual check of launching trolley

Any parts, repairs, welding required will be quoted separately and charged accordingly.

You can bring your road trailer to us for servicing at any time even if we do not have your boat in for repair work or overhaul.

All work is carried out by Matt Cooper – a very experienced engineer in the field.