Tips for buying a 2000 – part 2

10 Mar Tips for buying a 2000 – part 2

As sponsor of the 2000 class Millenium Series, West Country Boat Repairs have been repairing, buying and selling 2000s for many years, including acting as a broker for sailors looking to buy or sell their boats.  We know what the common issues are, which are serious and which superficial.

Last month we published the first of two videos published on our West Country Boat Repairs YouTube Channel sharing our experience with you, talking you through checking over the main hull including basics such as how to determine the age of the boat (it’s not as simple as the sail number!) and covering the common class-specific issues.

Now, in our 2000 Buyer’s Guide, part 2, we look at everything that comes with the boat, covering the spars and foils, checking the sail condition and what to look for on the trolley and trailer. Do you know how to make sure the road trailer is roadworthy before you take your new boat away?  Top tips here for the new season as well as the new boat owner!

We hope you find the videos useful, if you need any more guidance or help, we recommend the 2000 Class Association, they have an excellent website and facebook page and the sailors are always willing to help you – please support them by joining once you have your boat.

Once again, for those who would like a bit of help we have our brokerage service

  • Selling – we can help you value your boat, get it ready for sale by fixing any issues, and finding a buyer for it
  • Buying – if you are a bit wary of what to look for and what makes a boat good value, we can source and check out boats for you


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