RS200 Buyer’s Guide – part 1

04 May RS200 Buyer’s Guide – part 1

Are you looking to buy or sell an RS200? In this video Pete passes on his tips, showing you how to go through a boat, working from front to back, highlighting exactly what to look for.

With a  regular 100+ entry at the Nationals, a huge youth contingent and many female sailors, as well as couples and parent-child pairs, it’s easy to see why this class has remained so popular. With the excellent design by Phil Morrison, well-developed by RS, the RS200 is well-built and extremely rugged, and even 20+ year-old boats remain a good investment.

Originally a dealer for RS, Pete Vincent estimates that West Country Boat Repairs has had at least a third of the UK fleet through their hands in the last 24 years – either he sold them, they’ve refurbished  or repaired them – so they have pretty much everything that can go wrong with an RS200.

Watch the video here, and sign up to the West Country Boat Repairs YouTube Channel to be the first to know when part 2 of this guide is relased.



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