Orkney Fishing Boat Repair

04 Jan Orkney Fishing Boat Repair

One of our big jobs for this winter is quite a large scale repair to a 20ft Orkney fishing boat.

The boat came in with a small rotten/soft section to the wooden cockpit floor in the rear of cockpit. Once we started removing the cockpit floor we quickly realised the scale of the job was escalating into a big job. Water had been getting into the underfloor sections for some years. The wooden bulkheads and stringers under the floor had not been well protected when the boat was built and these had been absorbing water; they were literally falling apart in our hands. So we ripped them all out, made new ones and the photos show these bonded into place.

Next we will sheath the new bulkheads and stringers in glass fibre and resin to seal them. Once this is complete the relatively straight forward job of fitting a new cockpit floor can begin.


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