Major Repair to 2000 – before, during and after

08 Sep Major Repair to 2000 – before, during and after

We love a major repair, and this one certainly fits that description!

The shroud U bolt on this 2000 pulled through the hull in 30 knots, due to a previous poor repair.  All the load went on the underside of the deck, pulling the deck off for 1.2 metres.

We repaired the hull using unidirectional and biaxial glass, reinforced the underside of the deck and then re-fitted the deck.


It came in to our workshop like this

Shroud plate still in place here

From a distance with shroud plate removed

Close up


Repair to the hull using uni directional and biaxial glass, taken down topside

Deck back on and clamped in place


Looking as good as new, if we do say so oursleves!

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