How to get ready for launch after lockdown – new video

11 Feb How to get ready for launch after lockdown – new video

Once the weather has improved and lockdown rules have eased we predict that sailors will want to get back on the water as soon as possible.  We are certainly looking forward to it ourselves!

Is your boat ready to launch?  Here are some tips and ideas to help you make sure you’re on the line when the starting gun goes . . .

Checking your boat

It’s always a good idea to check your boat over for the new season; no-one wants to get ready to launch and then find that there’s a problem preventing sailing, or even worse causing a safety issue or retirement from a race once afloat.

Have a look at our NEW VIDEO, where Pete Vincent explains how to check the obvious and not-so-obvious areas and discusses how to deal with anything you might find.

DIY boat repairs

With a little bit of knowledge and the right materials, owners can tackle many small repairs successfully and without risk of exacerbating any damage.

We can supply standard and bespoke repair kits with everything you need to get started on small-scale repairs on your boat.

Our DIY Boat Repair video series takes you through common repairs and service tasks including simple glass fibre repairs, gelcoat repairs, foil repairs, deck to hull joint repairs and leak tests.  We also share our tips on how to clean your boat and revitalise the colour.

Professional Repairs

We provide quality repairs to sailing dinghies of all types, but we are particularly expert in GRP repairs to the RS and Laser classes. We can also undertake repairs to roto moulded boats.

If a repair is too big for you to handle, or you’d rather a have a professional do the work, please do contact us for an estimate from photos and a description. We can collect and return your boat if required.  We are likely to be busy post-lockdown, so please do book your boat in in as soon as you can.

Service & Upgrades

We are happy to take on general refurbishment, low key TLC work and fit-out upgrades, whether to help you gain valuable places on the race-course, feel more secure with everything working as it should do or to add value to your boat prior to sale.  Don’t forget the trailer – we’ll service that for you too! Contact us for an estimate.

Insurance Work

We are dinghy repair specialists and approved repair centres for leading insurance companies including Noble Marine, Newton Crum, GJW and Craftinsure; this close relationship can help speed up the claims process enabling you to get back on the water more quickly.

Thinking of Changing Boats?

If you don’t have the time to get your boat ready for sale, aren’t sure of its value, or where to advertise it, you might like to consider our brokerage service. We have an established and strong reputation in the sailing dinghy field and have complete knowledge of the full marketplace which means you will be more likely to realise the true value of your boat.

We can undertake minor repair or refurbishment work to make your boat more attractive to buyers. We have a central location in the country, can be flexible with viewing times and can help with delivery and collection.


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