Great job Miles!

08 Mar Great job Miles!

We all love a happy customer, but we can only take a modicum of credit for this one; 2000 owner Miles Carden watched our YouTube Video ‘Revitalising a Colour Faded Boat‘ and we have to say he has done a fantastic job, as these before and after photos show.

Our videos were designed to give sailors tips and techniques in a step-by-step format to do their own minor repairs during lockdown and Miles says watching the video gave him the confidence to go for it.

Our full series of videos are here – we will be publishing the live demos from the Virtual Dinghy Show soon, covering everything from simple gel ding repairs, to leak tests and how to repair damaged deck to hull joints. Please subscribe to our YouTube channel to be notified when they are posted.

PS – Miles, if you are ever short of a job, come and join the team at West Country Boat Repairs….

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