Firefly Fixed!

06 Mar Firefly Fixed!

This is one of  Wellington College’s fleet of Fireflies.

It had a significant point of impact very close to bottom of the bow which had crushed the whole lay up right through.   Once Kimberley had belt sanded away all the crushed/damaged fibreglass there was a  hole right through the bow.

The structure around the hole was very wet, so we allowed it time time to dry before continuing with the repair. We then ‘letterboxed’ a small solid glass fibre sheet from a sheet laid up on another firefly bow that had completely cured.

This formed a solid inner skin that Kimberley could then lay a filler resin layer against bulked out with glass bubbles and milled fibreglass.

Once this had cured she laid up 3 layers of glass fibre across onto good strong fringe. Kimberley coated these with filler gel, that is gel bulked out with glass bubbles and colloidal silica to make it a thick paste.

Once cured flattened, she applied finish gel coat which was then rubbed down with 4 different grits of wet and dry and papers.

Finally the whole bow was power buffed to give a really good finish – good as new and ready for the next battle!


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