Fabulous firefly fleet

17 Jan Fabulous firefly fleet

OK, so maybe not quite fabulous, but certainly fit for purpose!

With the help of our partners at Sailboat Deliveries, the specialist dinghy transport operators, this fleet of six fireflies was delivered to us from Wellington College, for a complete fleet overhaul.

Over the next couple of weeks, we will carefully check over each boat and get them all up to speed for the season ahead, repairing any damage and replacing worn ropes etc. before delivering them back to the college in plenty of time for their next training sessions.

West Country Boat Repairs fleet overhaul services

  • Mass or staggered pick up, with many different trailer combinations available for single class or mixed fleets
  • Pick up at at times to suit you, when the boats are not being used
  • Thorough check of each boat
  • Repairs and replacements to pre-agreed standards
  • Consultation on any larger issues found
  • Return transport




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