And now we know dinghy racing has fully recovered!

06 Jan And now we know dinghy racing has fully recovered!

A real sign that normal dinghy racing had fully recovered in second half of 2021 is that we have our first University Firefly in for repair since March 2019!

We have always looked after the boats for a number of universities, but never thought we would be so pleased to see the little tubs back!

This boat, one of Bristol University’s new flight, was hit square on port and starboard on the gunwale but fortunately the wooden gunwale protection stripe did its job. After doing some minor glass fibre repairs, we are now making a new wooden gunwale ready to fix on.

If you are from a University Sailing Team (or other organisation) and would like to talk to us about looking after your boats, please do contact us. We can carry out annual checks and services as well as repairs.

Good luck with the rest of the season Bristol!


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