All in a day’s work, well 10 actually!

01 Nov All in a day’s work, well 10 actually!

Our last 10 days work have included some varied jobs and no less than 8 different classes of boat!
K6 hit by the pole of another K6 trying to duck. Big cracks and crease ran from near gunwale to virtually centreline of hull
420 with deck to hull joint splits
RS400 deck which had a very large old repair that was dry and cracking.all around edge of the repair
– Nice Ovington Phantom in for tlc on minor knocks from a seasons racing
– Two outrigger hulls of a Weta Tri damaged when a dinghy blown over onto it in the dinghy park. Where one of the carbon arms went into the hull the bond here was fractured. The glass fibre locating cup inside the hull the arm is bonded into completely broke away so we had to get inside the hull and reform this.
– Run of the mill RS200 repair to very large area star crazing on the side deck. Photo after repair.
– Very nice Hartley Osprey – general over haul and repair 2 cracks in side deck.
– Repair to a very good condition sea kayak

K6 ‘before’

K6 ‘after’

Can you work out which repair is which class?!

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