Variety is the spice of life

29 Nov Variety is the spice of life

So variety is the spice of life. As well as the usual repairs to Lasers, RS200’s, RS400’s Laser 2000’s and Firefly flower pots we have in for repair a VX, a Drascombe Luger, the hood off a Triumph Spitfire and a model yacht. The VX we had to hoist into the roof to get the keel out; its a big dinghy!. The Luger has a very leaky centreboard case. The Triumph Spitfire was being transported on a low loader when the hood flew off so all the gelcoat is cracked and the corners all need repair. The model yacht is wooden, 50 years old and needs re rigging and fitting out. 3 guys fighting to do that job! Had to call a halt to fitting out plans when we got into adjustable rig tension

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