Poor puffin – why the right trolley/trailer really matters

11 Feb Poor puffin – why the right trolley/trailer really matters

Our last news item looked at the importance of maintaining your trailer and trolley – the damage to this puffin that came in this week sadly highlights what can happen if the trolley/trailer isn’t right for your boat.

The little puffin completely filled up water in Baltic wharf dinghy park.  Because it was on the wrong trailer, all the extra weight was point loaded on the rollers.  This caused massive dents in the hull.

We modified the trailer by replacing the side rollers with bar supports and fitting a better central pair of roller wheels, so that the problem won’t occur again.

We are laying up new bilge keels for underside of hull to strengthen and get it back into shape. There is packaging tape on hull whilst we are laying up 5 layers of combi mat to get the shape required.

Luckily not a write-off for the puffin, but an extensive repair that could have been avoided.

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