Is your trailer fit for purpose?

08 Feb Is your trailer fit for purpose?

At West Country Boat Repairs we often see boat damage that has been caused by a problem with the trailer, but a poorly maintained trailer can lead to much more than a damaged boat if it fails whilst you are on the road.

To give you peace of mind we can now fully check and service your trailer for just £25 whilst your boat is in with us for work.

Our service includes

  • Tyre Pressure Check
  • Tyre Condition Check – both tread and walls, which can often be cracked after a period of little use
  • Bearing Service – our qualified engineer will take the bearings apart and service them
  • Hitch Inspection and service
  • Breaking Cable Test
  • Examination of the structural rigidity of the trailer

If we find any issues that need extra parts or labour we will discuss and agree this with you


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